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1. Obstacle “Against the clock” 

2. Class Golden Jump

3. Class Gelding Under 

4. Class Gelding Over

5. European Grand & Reserve Champion Gelding Under

6. European Grand & Reserve Champion Gelding Over

7. Youth Halter aged under 16y

8. Driving Maniability 

9. Relais Duo 

10. Relais Duo Youth under 12y  

11. Hunter 

12. Youth Hunter under 12y

13. Longue-Rene on course 

14. Halter Mare Foal 2024, 1 year and 2 years Under

15. Halter Mare Foal 2024, 1 year and 2 years Over

16. Halter Mare 3 years and Older Under

17. Halter Mare 3 years and Older Over 

18. European Grand & Reserve Champion Mare Under

19. European Grand & Reserve Champion Mare Over

20. Petit Grand Prix  
21. Youth Petit Grand Prix under 16y

22. Halter Stallion Foal of  2024, 1 and 2 years under 

23. Halter Stallion Foal of  2024, 1 and 2 years old Over 

24. Halter Stallion 3 years old  and Older Under 

25. Halter Stallion 3 years and older Over 

26. European Grand & Reserve Champion Stallion Under 

27. European Grand & Reserve Champion Stallion Over 

28. Amy Halter Show 

29. Aladin (kids under 9y old)

30. Driving Elegance

31. European Supreme & Reserve Champion Under

 32.  European Supreme & Reserve Champion Over 

33. Ridding Western until 9y 

34. Liberty Under 

35. Liberty Over 


36. Amy Jump (begginer)

37. Grand Prix 

38. Critérium Young Horses 3y old 40/55cm

39. Critérium Young Horses 4y old 55/65cm 

40. Critérium Young Horses 5y old 70/85cm 

41. Solid Color

42. Multi Color 

43. Driving Dressage 

44. Lead Rein (kids under 9y old)

45. Youth Trec under 12y

46. Trec 

47. Puissance


49. Youth Costume Class under 12y old

50. Costume Class 

51. Western Trail by Hand 

52. Youth Western Trail under 16y

53. Class Multi Breed Stallion

54. Class Multi Breed Gelding

55. Class Multi Breed Mare

56. Class Relais Reining 

57.  Supreme & Reserve Champion Multi Breed 

58. Best Youth Flower Power Show 

59. Supreme & Reserve Champion Driving 

   60. Supreme & Reserve Champion Youth 

61. Supreme & Reserve Champion Performances 

62. Best Gelding Flower Power Show           

 63. Youth Best Gelding 


 Parade of the Supreme Champions

Meet our judge for the 2024 Flower Power Show: Rosie Gardiner


Having had horses since a young age from Welsh Mountain Ponies to Quarter Horses and then the American Miniature Horse, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience having also worked with dressage, show jumping and thoroughbreds on the track. I lived in Australia for 11 years, which is where my passion for the American Miniature Horse was first fostered. Having bred and trained horses to National Supreme Champions in halter and National Grand Champions in performance events, I know what it takes to achieve top results, along with hard work and an eye for detail. A well turned out horse and handler will always catch a judge’s eye. 


Being the youngest judge on the AMHA International Panel is something I am extremely proud of and allows me to continue to share my passion for the breed along with encouraging the next generation to dream big. The youth are the future of today; having worked in the education sector for 4 years, I am extremely passionate about encouraging and educating the next generation. In turn, I am very interested in the biomechanics of horses and how confirmation can in turn affect various aspects of the horses form and function. I am currently studying to become a qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist and currently work in Canine Therapy and Rehabilitation, allowing me to pursue my passion with both horses and dogs.


Whilst I no longer own horses since relocating back to the UK, my love for the breed is still strong and being able to judge beautiful horses allows me to keep my passion alive. I am very much looking forward to returning to France and thank the committee for the opportunity to do so.

- Class price: 12 euros

- Price for children's class up to 12 years old: 10 euros (Only for children's classes) Stallions are prohibited for all children under 12 years old.

- Price to register for the Prestige sale per horse: 25 euros

If you reserve a box, the reservation will be effective when it is paid for, given the few boxes available, you will have three days to pay for your box, then the box will go back to rental.

It is forbidden to enter a horse/pony when the competition has started.

Boxes and registrations are not refundable.

Thank you all and see you on July 13, 2024. 

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